SDL Photography & SDL Photography [UK], Malvern


S. D. Lampitt.  BSc Hons [Simon Lampitt]

SDL Photography, Photographer based on the Malvern Hills mid England in Worcestershire. 

SDL Photography and pets,

Pets are usually photographed out for a walk in the countryside, or if you prefer, in your own garden or surroundings. I am Insured to take dogs and walk them, whilst capturing the dogs, doing what dogs do. 

SDL Photography & SDL Photography [UK] I work primarily in the area of nature. Including flowers, both wild and cultivated this also includes the unsung flowers of  grasses.


Setting sun,Sun, Set, Yellow, Gold, Golden, Rise, un, SKY, sky, sea, Nevern Sunset, Pink
Super sun burst


Setting Sun images, when the whole sky becomes aglow. Sunset creates unique atmospheric conditions such as the often intense orange and red colours of the Sun and the surrounding sky. Some of the most varied colors at sunset can quite often  be found in the  eastern sky after the Sun has set.


Footprint in sand
Robinson Cruso



I also produce some fine art photography images. I take images in this area of photography as the image arises. It has to look interesting or be of a conversational piece.





Summer, Flower, Garden, Horticulture

First of all the cottage garden is a distinct style. It uses dense plantings, informal design and traditional materials.  The plants are a mixture of ornamental and edible plants. The overall effect  depends on grace and charm. Rather than grandeur and formal structure. The best cottage gardens seems as though they planted themselves. As a result, you end with a carpet of colour.

Images supplied for advertising, commerce, Industry and General public.

Pet photography is also undertaken.

Need an image, visit the contact page and drop an email.


All images within this site are available for purchase, prints are also available, A4 and  [10 x 15  cm]

I have several thousand stock images available, on different subject matter. Please contact if you require an image which is out of the norm, or just totally random in nature.

Further images available at SDL Photography [UK] .

SDL Photography [UK] is hosted on the photographers direct website.


Please note: The images contained within this site are of a lower resolution, and have been reduced in pixel size.

The majority of the images are 5000+ on the longest side, full size. This will give resolution pixels of between 18 million, and 22 million pixels, depending on the camera body used.

Over 95% of my images are available as jpg and RAW.

This is ample for printing at A4 and A3, without losing any clarity or definition.

Current bodies used are:

EOS 750D

EOS rebel T5i