Clients and Awards for SDL PHOTOGRAPHY

Clients list

A list of clients for whom SDL Photography has supplied images.

  1. Lynne Fox photography
  2. Capital Paving Ontario , Canada
  3. Malvern Walkies                                                    [ Malvern Walkies Gallery ]
  4. Malvern Gazette
  5. Yorkshire Terrier Rescue [Bedfordshire]
  6. Worcester Evening News

A list of images which have recieved an award,  Images by S.D. Lampitt.

Photographer for SDL

Worcestershire Wildlife Calender 2017

Worcestershire Wildlife Calender 2018 [runner up]

Malvern Enviro week 2018 Winner

Photo credits

Listed, are credit recieved by S. D. Lampitt, images used on websites of the following organisations, or indivial people.

Worcester News

Malvern Gazette